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FAQ’s About Interim Staffing

We want to answer some of your questions about this transitional phase for our church. This information was presented February 18, 2018 in both services. 
How will the position of senior pastor be filled? 
No one person will fill the position for the time being. Instead, the responsibilities will be covered by a fluid and flexible non-traditional
approach of shared leadership. Each staff member will take on additional responsibilities based on his/her particular strengths and gifts.

Who will preach on Sundays? 
Louis Mizell will fill the pulpit most of the time. Greg Johnston will preach on occasion. When needed, there may be an outside speaker, but for the most part we will rely on our current staff to fill the pulpit.

How will responsibilities be shared? 
In addition to their regular responsibilities…
Louis Mizell
  •  fill the pulpit and enlist others to preach
  • share in pastoral care

Mark Richardson

  •  responsible for staff leadership
  • development of programs
  • assist with church visioning process
  • share in pastoral care

Greg Johnston

  •  coordinate children’s department volunteers
  • coordinate Vacation Bible School

Katy Payne

  •  logistics
  • help everyone develop strategies to implement projects and ideas


When will we form a search committee? 
 There are no immediate plans to form a search committee. The board and staff believe God is calling us into a time of “intentional interim” that will likely last for several months. During this time, we will focus on prayer, on strengthening and clarifying the relationship between the board and the staff and on undergoing a visioning process together. We believe this time will help us clarify our identity and direction before moving ahead with permanent pastoral staff decisions.

How can our staff absorb these additional responsibilities? 
In order to free up our staff to take on their additional tasks…

  • Katy Payne’s position will expand from 15 hours to 25 hours a week
  • an additional Administrative Assistant (20 hours a week) will be hired * Update: March 2018 This position has now expanded to 32-hours per week.
How long will this arrangement last? 
… until we hear God’s leadership for our path forward.

Please join us in praying for God’s will to be done and that we will keep our ears open to hear God speaking to us for the answers we need. Our path forward is to seek God’s leadership, to wait on Him and to be ready to respond as He lights our path one step at a time.

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