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Once in a while you have an evening of children’s ministry where you think, Why am I doing this?...and then God answers you with an hour and a half that shows you why.  Last night was one of those times.


 I saw God in every corner of Ka-Bam starting with our worship time.  After being challenged at a Children’s Pastor’s Conference I attended in January, I determined to come home and help our kids experience true corporate worship, not just fun with songs.  So we have been discussing the content of each song and why we sing it.  Last night we examined 10,000 Reasons while adding sign language to the experience.  I wish you could have seen the sweet fragrance of these children offering sincere worship to God.  One sweetheart of a first grader said, “I feel like I want to cry.”  I can only say God’s presence can transform even the hearts of children!
Next came class time.  The kindergarten class has been learning their Old Testament Bible stories and they are doing a great job saying their memory verses.  The first graders are making pillows with John 3:16 on them as they memorize this cornerstone verse.  Second graders have been spending a few weeks learning what the Wordless Book is all about.  If you haven’t heard of it, it is a wonderful tool that Child Evangelism Fellowship developed to help children understand the basics of the gospel.  In a few weeks’ time these students will be able to explain exactly what salvation is all about and have a simple tool to share the gospel with others.  The third and fourth graders are getting ready to delve into a unit that teaches them how to study the Bible for themselves using the book of Philippians.  What a great skill to acquire!
I am most blessed by being able to work directly with the fifth and sixth graders. We have been discussing our way through 1 Timothy 4:7…how to be an example to others in our words, deeds, heart, faith and purity (which they have all done a fabulous job of memorizing!). As we discussed the topic of purity last night, I had the privilege of being able to look at our young, vulnerable girls in the eyes and reinforce that their value comes from God, and that clinging to that knowledge will help them navigate all that they do through their teen years.
So nights like these are truly God-blessed!  There is an exhilaration that comes from seeing God’s presence at work right in front of your eyes.  I’m sure I will have those nights coming when I will wonder again why we do this thing called Ka-Bam.  But God knows what He is doing and He is guarding our work for His purposes!  And we are truly blessed to be a part of it.

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