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From Pastor Paul

Dear Hideaway Church Family,

At our last congregational meeting, it was apparent that the good things that God is doing in our church are not always communicated to the church at large. So, we have purposed as a staff to communicate more frequently with you so that you are aware of what God is doing in our fellowship.

Last December, we hosted a “Honeymooner’s Christmas Party,” which, as I’m sure you know, was very well received. The staff hoped that this kind of outreach would be particularly attractive to the people from the community over the age of 50. And we have seen some real fruit from that. As a result of that evening, we have three new couples regularly attending our church and others have visited. You can expect the staff to schedule more things that are specifically targeted to reaching that generation over the coming year.

The staff has been spending time recently thinking through vision and strategies for becoming more effective in reaching the different generations in our community. I want to stress that numbers are not our goal, but changed lives are! There are people in Hideaway and Lindale who are in danger of living a Christ-less eternity and God has tasked us (Matthew 28:18-19) to reach out to them and witness to what God has done in our lives.  I’ve heard numerous stories from a number of you who have friends and acquaintances who have such little hope that their waning years are joyless. It would be a shame if we didn’t do the best we can to demonstrate our love for Christ in our community. But let me lovingly remind you that the staff can’t reach this generation without your help. Please pray about someone you could invite to your Sunday School class and the worship services.

Some of the things that are going on in our church that are not always visible are:

  1.  Small groups. We have  6 small groups that meet either weekly or every other week, plus another group starting up this month. That equals more than 55 people getting together in small groups each week.
  2.  We have a new Sunday School class for women that is quite well attended.
  3. Our last two Newcomers Get-Togethers have helped numerous families get involved in the church and since September we have had 7  couples or families join the church.
  4. Katy Payne and Rupert Anthony have beefed up our following up of visitors and their team is doing a great job!
  5. Our fifth Sunday combined worship services have been great times together and the music, in particular, from our choir and talented singers, has been extraordinary.
  6. Our Wednesday evening children’s program (Pre K- grade 6) grew from averaging 28 in the first month to now averaging 41 children each week. Attendance is up by 46%! New families continue to join in each week and what a difference this makes in the lives of the children of our community.
  7.  The junior high and high school group has a solid core of kids who also meet on Wednesday evenings, and they have great potential in reaching their generation.

And then finally, we have some exciting events coming up this Spring: The Festival of Tables is on Feb. 16th. We have a Gospel evening scheduled May 21st. Two special services on Good Friday and Easter. The Cowboy Party at the Adams’ ranch on April 20th. A fifth Sunday Service and spaghetti dinner on April 30th. And a Wild Game dinner on April 22nd. Plus much more to come!

The staff will continue to update you periodically in the hopes that as everyone sees what God is up to in our midst, we will draw encouragement, have a reason to invite those who are not a part of our church family yet, and have information that we can use to inform our prayers.

Pastor Paul


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