Missions is a key aspect of the ministry of Hideaway Church. We understand that fulfilling the Great Commission of taking the Good News (the Gospel) of Jesus Christ to the uttermost parts of the world (Global), and even just down the street (Local), is not only a part of God’s commandments for each of us, but part of how God conforms us to the image of His Son. As we proclaim the Good News in both words and deeds, God builds Christ’s character into us.

We have an ongoing partnership with the following missionaries. Click on each name for more information about their ministry.

Mitch & Michelle Arbelaez

Eric & Susan Binion

Vince & Lori Burke

Blake & Christina Davis

Hugo & Lourdes Diaz

Juan & Sylvia Diaz-Quispe

Joe & Charlotte Fauss

John & Rosa Fries

Jeff & Christine Herringshaw

Phil & Cheryl Kingsley

James & Naomi

Gary & Nancy Lengkeek

Amado & Barb Lozano

Dean & Debbie Lundberg

Carl & Carol Luther

David & Judy Payne

Nathan & Katy Payne

Hector & Patty Pivaral

James & Beverly Rackley

Charles & Valerie Schuett

Dan & Viviana Velie

Jon & Libby White


Follow this link for a list of local Mission Opportunities and ways to serve the community.